Making Your Ride Winter Ready

Making sure your ride is winter ready is very important. With the holiday season coming to a close, Winter is officially here. It is only a matter of time before we see the threat of snow falling and roads becoming icy. It is more important than ever to make sure your ride is winterized for the coming months. We know that safety is number one when getting your rider ready for the winter, but style is important as well. At Autoplex Customs, we take both style and practicality into account when beginning any custom build for customers or one of our pre-built custom trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs in our inventory. Let us share our top three tips to ensure that your ride is ready for winter driving.


1.Tires with Deep Treads

If you are going to be driving in snow, then you want to make sure your have tires with a good grip. The better grip, the better control you will have. It is essential to have deep treads when you are driving through thick snow. It is also vital to maintain proper traction when driving on ice-covered roads. Not only this, but deep treads also provide the reduced chance of getting stuck if you’re off-roading. With the weight distribution of large trucks, it essential to have great tires on your rider for accident protection. Try one of our custom tires options today!

2. Proper Maintenance

When you care about your ride, you know proper maintenance is vital. Belts, wires, hoses, cables, and any other feature that needs regular scheduled maintenance in the summer months can result in a surprise malfunction when the winter ice and snow hit if not cared for properly. If you find yourself needing a replacement of any of these features on your ride, the professionals at Autoplex Customs will not only fix the problem, but we can also help to prevent future breakdowns. We will do this by diagnosing potential risks and minimizing wear and tear with our unique, experienced-based solutions.

3.  The Right Lift Kit

Snow can be beautiful to look at, but it can also be super fun to drive through! Having your ride equipped with a massive lift kit that can keep you elevated and ready to tackle even the deepest snow. Lifting your truck can also change your center of gravity, making sliding on icy roads irresistible, but only when you know how to handle your ride (obviously safety first!). A life kit will give you ground and axle clearance to give you the ability to avoid ice blocks that can cause smaller vehicles trouble on the road. We have several lift kits available depending on height preference and vehicle body. To find the perfect lift kit for you, consult one of our professionals today or you can always choose one of our completed truck lifts in our current inventory.

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